ISO 31000 - Risk Management

What is ISO 31000?

ISO 31000 is an international standard that contains guidelines for the implementation of risk management. The guidelines in this standard consist of principles, frameworks, and risk management processes. These three parts are used as a risk management architecture to ensure the implementation of effective risk management. This standard is published by the international standardization organization, namely ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Although ISO 31000 provides generic guidance, it is not intended to standardize risk management across organizations. Its purpose is as a supporting standard for the implementation of risk management in an effort to ensure the achievement of goals for the organization.

Benefits of a Management Systems for Educational Organizations :

  • Improve operational efficiency and governance
  • Increase stakeholder confidence in your risk management techniques
  • Strengthen operational controls, including mandatory and voluntary reporting
  • Improve your business performance, crisis management and organisational resilience
  • Respond to change effectively and protect your business as you grow.