General Information


Rejection of certification can be done by TSI Certification, under the following conditions:

  • If at the time of the audit something happens and results in the audit result declared invalid.
  • If the product or scope of audited certification is no longer provided by the client.
  • Official request by client
  • The client organization is disbanded because of somethin

The suspension of certification can be caused at the request of a client who is voluntarily certified or by the TSI CERTIFICATION AGENCY (Business Certification Agency) if the client does not meet the following requirements:

  • Not conducting a Surveillance Audit. For Surveillance Audit, if the Corrective Action Request (CAR) is not completed within the specified time limit.
  • TSI Certification provides written information to clients 1 week before the due date to immediately complete the CAR.
  • If CAR is not followed up to a specified time limit then TSI Certification will conduct a freezing process.
  • If the client misuse the TSI certificate or Logo, TSI Certification will send a Letter of Suspension or Revocation to the Client.
  • If the client is not willing to be audited for surveillance within the specified time period, then TSI Certification has the right to send a freezing letter to the client.
  • If the client has not completed the surveillance fee administration and made an official confirmation to the TSI CERTIFICATION AGENCY until the specified deadline, the Quality Assurance Section will send the first warning letter, which is a certificate freezing letter counted H + 1 from the agreed surveillance date.

Revocation of certificate can be done by TSI Certification, under the following conditions:

  • Corrective action on nonconformities that have been taken by customers is inadequate in the case of certificate freezing.
  • The client has not fulfilled his financial obligations to the TSI CERTIFICATION AGENCY.
  • The certified client requests a voluntary revocation of the certificate;
  • If the permit to administer the institution is revoked by the licensor.

Certification can be reactivated after it has been frozen if the certified client can fulfill:

  • Has conducted an audit and completed the audit findings before the deadline for revocation of certification; and
  • ettling administrative and billing matters to TSI Certification


Submissions from clients

Developments and / or changes in the client’s business scope and ability to meet standards


Submissions from clients

Limitation and / or reduction in the scope of the client’s business and its ability to meet standards

Inability to fulfill requirements

Complaints from certified clients


Top management of TSI Certification has a high commitment to impartiality in management systems , managing conflicts of interest and ensuring the objectivity of management systems.

  • TSI Certification ensures that the activities of separate legal entities that have relations with certification bodies or legal entities where the certification body is located, do not compromise the impartiality of its certification activities.
  • TSI Certification appoints a impartiality security committee in accordance with standard requirements or compliance with the Management System Certification Institute.
  • TSI Certification holds the principle that decisions must be based on objective criteria, not on the basis of calculating profits to other parties for inappropriate reasons.
  • TSI Certification cannot provide certification if there is a relationship that creates a threat of impartiality.
  • TSI Certification does not offer or provide management systems.
  • TSI Certification does not offer or provide an internal audit of the client with the certification.
  • TSI Certification does not provide certification to customers who have received management or internal audit system consultations, where the relationship between the consulting organization and TSI Certification shows threats that affect TSI Certification’s impartiality.
  • TSI Certification ensures that all personnel (including contract personnel) act objectively and are free from commercial and financial pressures and other pressures, which may affect the results of certification.
  • TSI Certification does not provide certification to other Certification Bodies for its quality management system.